Dodge County Clerk Talks DNR Licensing

(Dodge County)  With fall outdoor activities just around the corner, Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson is taking the time to advise residents about changes in her office. The changes pertain to Department of Natural Resources related licensing. On WBEV’s Community Comment Gibson explained that during the early stages of COVID, they opted to discontinue offering fishing and hunting licenses. However, they still get people who ask about them and with deer hunting season on the horizon, Gibson is sure the clerks office will see a few more.

Gibson adds there are no plans to begin issuing the licenses again as doing so brings in very little revenue, generating a budget impact of only about $30 a month. When asked about licensing for recreational sport vehicles Clerk Gibson explained those licenses are handled elsewhere as well.

Gibson says the DNR had pulled sport vehicle licensing such as boats, personal watercraft, snowmobile, and ATV from her office a few years ago. She now recommends utilizing the DNR Website to locate licensing information in your area.