Dodge County Clerk Says Election Results Not Available Until April 13

(Dodge County) There was the spring presidential primary and general election yesterday and during this part of the newscast we usually have those results, but not today. Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson says on normal election nights her office usually begins posting results around 8pm on election night. However, Gibson says, she will not be posting any results online. The U-S Supreme Court blocked an effort by the governor to extend the deadline for turning those ballots in until this coming Monday, April 13th because of concerns with coronavirus. The deadline was instead yesterday. However, as long as absentee envelopes are postmarked with yesterday’s date, the ballots have until this Monday to arrive in the hands of local municipal clerks. Gibson says the polls are technically still open, marking the first time she hasn’t seen results on the night of the election. Gibson says municipalities can start adding up results as soon as today but they cannot finalize anything until 4pm Monday. However, that also means that cannot start counting write-in candidates until Monday. The U-S Supreme Court’s Monday decision came shortly after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers did not have the authority to move the election date.