Dodge County Clerk Outlines Teen Work Permit Changes

6/26/17 – Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson is reminding the public about changes in requirements for teen workers and the impact the changes will have locally. State work permits will no longer be needed for 16 and 17-year-olds to get jobs. Governor Scott Walker signed a bill Wednesday that repeals the requirement, in which older juveniles needed to get their parents’ permission to go to work. Gibson says those 15 and under will still need a permit. She says a lot of employers might not realize minors 16 and 17-year-olds no longer need them. The bill’s supporters said it would be easier for kids to learn the value of work and make some money for themselves but opponents feared it would make parents know less about what their teens are doing. Gibson says the county gets $2 dollars and 50 cents out of the $10 dollars for every work permit. With lost revenue close to $110 dollars each year, Gibson does not believe it will greatly affect her department. She says to complete the permit it must be done in front of the county clerk or, depending on the district, local schools. For more information call 920-386-3600 or you can visit the county website.