Dodge County Clerk Encourages Voters To Submit Absentee Ballot Requests This Week

(Juneau) The Dodge County Clerk is encouraging people to get their absentee ballot requests in this week. Voters have until the Thursday (April 2nd) before the election to request an absentee ballot by mail but Karen Gibson notes turnaround times can be slow and it is better to not wait until the last minute. She says the requests must also include a photo ID which does not mean sending in just a picture of yourself. Gibson says the ID’s must be a copy of your driver’s license, a passport, naturalization or military ID. She adds that selfies are not included. Gibson says municipalities are still in need of volunteers to help on Election Day. She says a lot of poll workers are retired citizens, in the at-risk population and are cancelling their plans to help on April 7th due to the coronavirus pandemic. She says interested individuals should contact their local municipal clerk or they can call her office at 920-386-3605. Gibson says more information about the absentee voting process, or to request an absentee ballot can be done through the site. A link can be found with this news story at Because of COVID-19, the clerk’s office has postponed some non-essential services such as DNR licenses, notary services and work permits.