Dodge County Clerk Asks Those Requesting An Absentee Ballot To Include A Photo ID

(Juneau) With the August primary right around the corner, the Dodge County Clerk is reminding voters requesting an absentee ballot through the mail to include a photo ID. Karen Gibson says if voters are receiving absentee ballot request forms from political groups or other third parties, a photo ID must accompany the form when it is returned to the municipal clerk.

She says those clerks are getting absentee ballot forms for upcoming elections and voters are not providing a photo ID. Gibson adds that clerks cannot act on those requests without a photo ID or an ID on file. Voters can visit the my-vote website to check their voter status, register to vote, and request an absentee ballot for the upcoming elections.

The partisan primary will be held on August 9th while the general election is being held on November 8th.

Click HERE to visit the my-vote website.