Dodge County Board Will Remain The Same Size At 33 Supervisors

(Juneau) The size of the Dodge County Board will remain the same. Supervisors approved a resolution this week that keeps the county board at 33 members. A Size Study committee was established in September an identified several main points to review including does changing the board impact representation, leadership and financial efficiencies. A survey was also sent out to supervisors to gauge their interest in changing the size of the county board. Fifteen supervisors indicated the county board should stay the same while seven felt a smaller board was best. Nine board members did not respond to the questionnaire. The Size Study Committee ultimately recommended keeping the county board at 33 members citing it was in the best interest of Dodge County. In 2010, the board voted to lower the number of supervisors from 37 to 33. It was the first time the county board changed its size in 30 years.