Dodge County Board To Vote On Joining Class Action Against Big Pharma

11/11/17 – Dodge County officials will decide next week if the region will become a plaintiff in a potential class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry over the opioid crisis. The Wisconsin Counties Association is partnering with the von Briesen and Roper law firm and has enlisted around two dozen other counties in the state, including Columbia and Fond du Lac counties. If a lawsuit is ever filed, the goal would be to recoup costs resulting from the opioid epidemic. That could include expenses for law enforcement, human services and the county’s Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program, which incentivizes non-violent drug offenders who remain sober while on probation. Dodge County Corporation Council Kim Nass says work needed to be done on the original resolution before passing it along to the county board. She says most revisions were in regards to misconceptions that the resolution would not cost the county any money. Nass says possible costs could stem from data collection or if a county department head needs to testify in the lawsuit to prove damages. Although, she says the law firms involved would provide a data collection service to aid the counties. Nass says 42 other states have shown interest in such a resolution. The Dodge County Board will meet Tuesday to vote on the matter.