Dodge County Board To Consider Applying For Broadband Grant

(Juneau) Dodge County is again looking to secure grant funding to help expand the county’s broadband capabilities. Last year, the county created a broadband workgroup to investigate existing and potential broadband access opportunities, evaluate obstacles for broadband infrastructure, explore county investment to secure and further enhance broadband access, among other things. Two internet-based firms, Bertram Communications and Netwurx Internet, have partnered with the group to help apply for a 2020 PSC Broadband Expansion grant. $48-million-dollars was dedicated to broadband expansion grants in Governor Tony Evers biennial budget with $24-million available in the initial round of funding. In March, the county learned that they were not awarded funding during the first grant cycle. During the Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee meeting this week, a resolution was advanced to the full county board to support applying for round two funding. Due to the competitiveness of the grant, the resolution also recommends allocating $100-thousand-dollars for 2021 and 2022 to leverage both internet firms, contributions and available grant funding. The Dodge County Board will vote on the resolution at their meeting next week.