Dodge County Board Restricts Out-Of-State Travel For Employees

(Juneau) Dodge County employees have been banned from work related out-of-state travel due to the pandemic. The county board recently adopted a resolution that restricts executive committee approved travel during the declared state of emergency.

Any county employee who wishes to travel to a different state for work purposes must bring their request to the county board’s executive committee for approval. With the recent adoption of the resolution, all requests will be denied.

The resolution was brought by Supervisors David Guckenberger and Kira Sheahan-Malloy. It cites that out-of-state travel exposes an unnecessary risk to the citizens of Dodge County. Guckenberger says the county should follow CDC guidelines which recommends postponing travel and to stay home to prevent spreading the virus.

The only travel permitted under the resolution would be if medically necessary or deemed necessary by law. The travel ban will remain in place until the declared state of emergency in Dodge County is rescinded.