Dodge County Board Mulling Position On Tax Loophole

4/6/17 – Officials in Dodge County may throw their support behind a statewide initiative to eliminate a tax loophole that big box stores are using to lower their property tax bill. It is called the Dark Store concept; the bigger retailers want their property assessed as if no one is operating in the business, which would lower how much they would pay in property taxes. County Board First Vice Chair David Frohling discussed the impact on local taxpayers at this week’s meeting of the Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee. Frohling says that the Dark Store concept shifts the tax burden back to the local tax payers and home owners in those municipalities. He says that the goal is to put together legislation that would close that loophole and keep the big box retailers paying their fair share of tax. Frohling adds that the work on addressing this issue is still in the initial stages and that legislation has not been drafted yet. Saying that other states will be looked at for examples to see what works and what does not work. Drafting legislation could take a while Frohling notes, saying that there are a lot of things to consider like unintended consequences such as business may search out other loopholes. The Dodge County Board will consider support of the statewide initiative at their next meeting.