Dodge County Board Member Wants To Hold Meetings In A Space That Can Be Video Recorded

(Juneau) A Dodge County board member wants to hold all committee meetings in a location where they can be video recorded. The initiative is from Supervisor Dan Siegmann who wants more transparency for constituents. 

When addressing the county board’s Executive Committee this week, he alleged a committee chair took issue with a camera being set up to record the meeting. He says when the camera was brought in, the chairman of the committee and another committee member made a comment on how annoying it was to have a camera in the room. Siegmann adds that the chairman was so irritated that (quote) “going into the woods and shooting something would have made him feel better.”  

Siegmann did not name the committee or its chairperson. He says this type of professionalism is not what they should be expressing to public citizens who attend the meetings. 

Currently, the Dodge County Board Room and Room 1H and 1I at the administration building in Juneau are the only spaces capable of livestreaming or recording meetings. Most meetings are held at various county locations to accommodate employees who report to those committees. 

Siegmann says he reached out to board members in neighboring counties who were surprised to learn Dodge County’s committee meetings were not recorded. He says the committee meetings are where debates happen and decisions are made. 

Questions were raised over storage concerns as each recorded meeting would become public record and must be saved as well as scheduling conflicts. The Executive Committee asked Siegmann to do some additional research and they will discuss the matter again at their meeting next month.