Dodge County Board Exploring Possibility Of Broadcasting Meetings

(Dodge County) Dodge County is exploring options to broadcast their monthly county board meetings. The county board’s executive committee recently directed the Information Technology department to begin research on the best way to broadcast meetings.

IT Director Justin Reynolds says there are several ways to broadcast meetings including live video or audio streaming, live text streaming, phone conferencing as well as through local radio or TV stations. He says most counties have an online archive of agendas, meeting minutes and packets that citizens can access.

Supervisor Jeff Schmitt says there are issues utilizing minutes, which is a written recount of a meeting, as a way to archive what happens. He says the minutes are often vague and not a true representation of what goes on. Schmitt says with the current pandemic, many people may not want to leave their home but still want to directly follow what goes on at the county board meetings. He also recommended partnering with a local cable network, which he says is something a lot of city councils in the county already do.

While no timetable for the project was given, Reynolds is working on some ideas with preliminary costs for this year’s budget.