Dodge County Board Approves Virtual Meeting Option For Supervisors

(Juneau) Dodge County supervisors can now attend a limited number of meetings virtually. The county board this week approved a rule change that allows supervisors to attend up to three meetings virtually within a calendar year and be able to cast a vote. However, they will not receive a per diem and cannot attend closed session.

Under the old rule, board members could take part in meetings by either telephone or other electronic means, but they were not considered present and did not have a vote. Supervisor Donna Maly led the effort to change that rule. She says board members should still be able to represent their constituents even if they cannot attend a meeting in person.

Not everyone was on board with the change. Supervisor Dan Siegmann says if someone is elected to represent the people of the county they should show up in person.

Supervisor Jeff Schmidt noted potential distractions that comes with virtual attendance such as toilets flushing and TV’s blaring.

Supporters of the rule change did say that this would ensure that the appropriate number of board members were present to vote on important issues.