Dodge County Board Approves Strategic Plan

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County Board recently approved its strategic plan. The county’s Executive Committee identified a need to establish a plan two years to guide the board’s policy and decision-making process. Several supervisors held meetings between May of 2021 and March of last year to draft a strategic plan document including a mission statement, vision, and values.  

The plan was originally up for adoption at the county board’s September meeting, but they delayed voting on the matter until this month. One of the reasons was due to figures or percentages that were not filled. It was an issue that Supervisor Cathy Houchin brought up again at the board’s January meeting. 

“As I look through the plan there’s still a lot of yellow highlights that don’t have numbers filled in,” says Houchin. “So we don’t have all the numbers and some of them were things that we could know but they’re just aren’t in here and that really bothers me…and so we’re voting on something when we don’t even have all the numbers in.”   

A motion was briefly suggested to send the plan back to the Executive Committee for further research before Corporation Council Kim Nass spoke up. 

“That’s exactly what the resolution does…it hands it off to the Executive Committee,” says Nass. “The Executive Committee took it up, it was postponed from September without any direction at all. The Executive Committee actually did some work and took it up and discussed it several times at [their] meeting. There’s no way to fill the numbers in because you haven’t adopted the plan and handed it off to the Executive Committee to make assignments to departments or to committees of jurisdiction to do further study. So, I’m just going to ask again, could somebody from the Executive Committee please address this?”  

Supervisor Rob Boelk is a member of the Executive Committee. He says, “we did have quite a few discussions on this over the last few months. So, what we’re asking for is you adopt the plan, and the Executive Committee will fill in the blanks but we’re going to work on…I think the consensus was there was three items we’re going to work on first.  

“Narrowed it down [to] EMS, highway funding, and it’s going to be opioid addictions. There’s just too much to work, you can’t work on all 10 or 12 subjects all at once so we want to narrow it down to three that we can work on.” 

Supervisor Andrew Johnson, who also sits on the exec committee, says adopting the plan is getting (quote) “the board’s blessing” to get started filling in those banks. Other key strategies outlined by the plan include deploying a county-wide, affordable fiber-optic broadband coverage; childcare support, daycare availability; and addressing the county’s housing supply and demand.