Dodge County Board Approves Several Proposals For ARPA Funding

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board this week allocated roughly $3.4-million dollars of its American Rescue Plan Act funding. The county received just over $17-million in Rescue Act dollars. The money must be committed no later than 2024 and be expended by the end of 2026.

Two highway projects were approved for ARPA funding. They include $700-thousand-dollars for the reconditioning and repaving of 1.5-miles of Highway J in Clyman from 26 to M. The other will see nearly $2-million used for reconstructing over six-miles of Highway Q in the town of Shields.

Board Chairman Dave Frohling explains why these two road projects were selected. He says both were engineered and ready to go. Frohling adds that they were going to be a part of the highway work used under several failed bonding attempts earlier this year. He says the hope is that the projects are completed this year.

A men’s homeless shelter project was also approved. Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, who submitted the $175-thousand-dollar bid, is looking to purchase an existing house – preferably in the Beaver Dam area.

Supervisor Andrew Johnson says Dodge County has a problem housing homeless men. He says there is no men’s shelter in Dodge County and this effort is very important.

The board also approved giving the Dodge County Fair Association just under $60-thousand-dollars to construct two twenty-by-forty-feet pavilion and picnic shelters.

Supervisor Mary Bobholz says this is a worthwhile project. She says when deciding on how to spend the ARPA money, one criteria is how many citizens of Dodge County does it benefit. Bobholz notes that everyone can come to the Dodge County Fair.

Other proposals receiving funds include $360-thousand-dollars for a fiber extension project in Juneau and $397-thousand for the replacement of aging vault toilet buildings at Astico Park and Ledge Park.

Some projects still need to go out for bid, so their exact price may change. Any money that is not spent will be returned to the ARPA fund.

Click HERE to watch the Dodge County Board meeting.