Dodge County Board Approves Rule Changes

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board voted this week to amend the rules that govern the county board. Among the notable changes was an amendment brought forth by Supervisor Joseph Marsik. His measure encourages any written amendments to the annual budget be submitted to the county board at least 14 calendar days before the board votes on the document at their November meeting. The rule addition also cited that amendments could still be brought forth during the November meeting. During discussions in committee, Marsik softened the wording from “require” to “encouraged.” His original proposal also required that a two-thirds majority be met to pass any budget amendments brought forward by a board member at the November. Marsik ultimately removed the two-thirds majority vote following feedback he received. He says the goal is to make an informed decision while voting on amendment changes to the budget. Marsik says his change would ask those making amendments to send them to the county clerk who would in turn send it to the board and affected department. Before the county board voted, Supervisor David Guckenberger sought to strike the word encourage from the language. Citing that it would have no impact and does not make sense to him. His motion was voted down.