Dodge County Board Approves New Administrator

(Juneau) Dodge County has a new administrator. The county board Tuesday night approved the hiring of Cameron Clapper. The position was made vacant by the recent retirement of Jim Mielke who had been in the role since 2008.  

The Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee has been leading the administrator search, which began in March. They selected Clapper from a field of seventeen applicants.  

Clapper has been the Whitewater city manager since 2012. Prior, he was the city’s assistant manager from 2010 to 2012. Clapper also served as the village of Waunakee as a management, analyst, and deputy clerk for five years and then as assistant village administrator. He earned both a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a master’s degree in Public Administrator from BYU.  

Clapper’s salary will be equivalent to $67.88 an hour and he will receive the same fringe benefits that are provided to department heads. Supervisor Jeff Breselow took issue with Clapper’s salary, saying that it is not proven yet what the county will get for what they are paying. Breselow adds that it is a tough sell for county employees to give Clapper three-weeks of vacation when others need to work 10 years to reach that level. 

County Board Chairman Dave Frohling says the salary is step one in the pay grade scale and is not on the high end.  

Supervisor Rob Boelk, who sits on the Executive Committee, says Interim Administrator Jon Hochkammer and Public Administration Associates – a firm hired to facilitate the search and hiring process – negotiated the contract. He says the Executive Committee did offer some guidelines of where to start negotiating the compensation and vacation packages. Boelk adds that this is (qoute) “as good as [they] are going to get” and does not want to start over from sqaure one.

Clapper is expected to start on August 21st.