Dodge County Board Adopts Changes To Coronavirus Emergency Declaration

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board approved making a few modifications to the county’s COVID-19 emergency declaration. In March, the County Board adopted the resolution that streamlines the process to acquire state aid as well as expedites the use of resources to protect the public from the impact and spread of the coronavirus. The resolution also states that the board chairman has the ability to order (quote) “whatever is necessary” for the health, safety and protection of the citizens of Dodge County during the emergency. Usually, purchases go to committee before going to the county board for final approval. This week, the county board adopted the amended resolution that says emergency purchases are allowed only for CARES Act funding, supplies, materials and services. It also says that purchasing and meeting requirements will revert back to pre-pandemic standards. The reason for the change was that several supervisors wished to clarify the chair’s emergency power, noting that state statutes allow local governments to call emergency meetings to discuss purchases. They also said amending the resolution would allow for better representation to the constituents of Dodge County by having their representatives be a part of the purchasing process.