Dodge County Board Adopts 2020 Budget

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board adopted the 2020 budget Tuesday. Dodge County taxes will see a decrease next year. The mill rate of $5.14 per thousand dollars of assessed value is down 26-cents from the number homeowners saw last December, while county property values are up over 6-percent to $6.7-billion dollars. The $117-million-dollar budget has a tax levy of $34.5-million, which is an increase of $562-thousand dollars from last year.

In total, nine amendments were brought forth from the floor for discussion. Only two passed. One was to remove $74,327 from the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division. Supervisor David Guckenberger, who brought the motion forward, explains his reasoning. He says the $74-thousand in wages were allocated to the patrol division for two unfunded positions. Guckenberger says he does not see the justification to increase costs and noted that additional monies would need to be found in the future or those positions would have to be cut.

The other amendment that passed, which was also brought forward by Guckenberger, was to purchase a second water rescue boat. Funds from sales tax dollars will be used to cover the $33,124 dollar cost. Guckenberger says he did not understand why the county administrator removed funding to purchase the boat. Mielke says that money was needed elsewhere. He added that the matter could have been brought back during a future budget cycle.

The final budget was adopted on a 22-to-5 vote.