Dodge County Authorities Glad To See An End To “Baby Theresa” Case

(Juneau) Local authorities are glad to see a resolution in the heartbreaking “Baby Theresa” case. Karen Luttinen of Milwaukee was recently found guilty of Concealing the Death of a Child. The 46-year-old placed her deceased baby in a garbage bag which was discovered in Theresa in 2009. An autopsy concluded the infant died prior to, or during birth.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt highlighted two individuals whose tireless efforts brought justice for Baby Theresa. He says Dodge County Medical Examiner PJ Schoebel and lead Detective Vickie Brugger put their heart and soul into this case. Schmidt added that the rest of his detective bureau did a phenomenal job and highlighted the teamwork for everyone who played a role.

Schmidt says the investigation proved difficult at times but detectives never gave up once. He says it was a struggle at times finding leads or persons-of-interest to question. Eventually Schoebel and Brugger wanted to run DNA evidence which helped narrow down the field of suspects to Luttinen who was charged in March after 13 years.

During a recent Community Comment, Schmidt said closing the book on this case was bittersweet. He says they were able to contact extended family to notify then provide them with closure. Schmidt says a lot of community members who were closely involved were also able to have closure.

Karin Luttinen is due back in court on August 5th for her sentencing hearing. She is facing a year-and-a-half in prison.