Dodge County Authorities Give Tips To Avoid Being Victims Of Burglaries

(Juneau) Dodge County authorities are giving out several tips to prevent people from being victims of burglaries. Sheriff Dale Schmidt encourages everyone to keep their doors locked at all times, adding that it is common for daytime burglars to target unlocked homes and vehicles. He says it is also important to document the license plate and unique details of vehicles that pass in your area that may be suspicious. Trail or security cameras placed in areas that will capture vehicles entering your driveway or driving on the street can be helpful in capturing those details, the sheriff notes. The public is also reminded to take note of individuals who come up to your home unsolicited as they could be checking to see if anyone is home. Schmidt says other tips include leaving the lights on during the day to make it appear as if someone is home and find a way to quickly secure packages that are dropped off to avoid them being stolen. He says keep in mind when unwrapping gifts this holiday season, if you leave the boxes out for pickup you are advertising to a potential thief what may be in the home for them to steal. The sheriff says locking all doors is the quickest and easiest way to protect your property.