Dodge County 4-H Leader Named 2020 Hall Of Fame Laureates By Program

(Dodge County) A Dodge County 4-H leader was named by Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development to their 2020 Hall of Fame Laureates. Sherry Helmer has been involved with the 4-H program for 45 years as a project, activity and general leader. Officials with the Wisconsin 4-H Program say she values the education aspects of 4-H and the important role volunteers have in a successful program. They say she is willing to devote whatever time it takes to plant seeds of learning, grow a strong program and to “make the best better”. The Wisconsin 4-H Hall of Fame was established to recognize 4-H volunteers, financial supporters, staff and pioneers who made major contributions to the 4-H movement at the local, state and national levels. In total nine volunteers, supports and staff were announced as 2020 Hall of Fame Laureates.