Dodge County 2016 Fatility Numbers Close To Five Year Average

(Dodge County) Wisconsin’s 2016 traffic fatality total was the state’s highest in four years. There were 588 deaths on Wisconsin roads last year. That is 33 more than 2015, 40 above the five-year average, and the state’s highest total since the 601 deaths in 2012. Included in the 2016 statistic were 86 motorcyclists, 49 pedestrians, and 11 bicyclists. Dodge County had 12 traffic deaths last year, one more than both 2015 and the five-year average. Columbia County’s 21 traffic deaths were up eleven from the year prior and nine above the five-year average. Only five of the state’s 72 counties had more road fatalities. The ten traffic deaths in Fond du Lac County were two fewer than 2015 and three below the five-year average. Jefferson County saw seven traffic fatalities in both 2015 and 2016, which is one above the five-year average. In Green Lake County, the lone road death last year was two fewer than 2015’s total and one less than the five-year average. Washington County had ten traffic fatalities in 2016, one more than the year prior but one less than the five-year average.