Dodge County 2011 Traffic Fatalities

1/3/12 – Traffic fatalities on Dodge County roadways in 2011 tied for the lowest since 1945. There were nine fatal accidents last year, the same number of deaths as in 2010. Sheriff Todd Nehls attributes the lower-than-average numbers to a combination of traffic enforcement, educating the public, improved engineering on state highway and county roadways and also safer vehicles. Since 1945, the yearly average has been 20.8 fatalities, though in the past six years that number has declined to 14.5. Dodge County had the states tenth highest fatality rank in 2006 when 16 people died. In 2008, Dodge County had the fourth highest rank with 21 fatalities. In 2009, the ranking was seventh on the list with 18 deaths. Last year, Dodge County was 20th. There was also a statewide drop in fatalities. Five years ago there were 737 traffic deaths, compared to an average of 563 over the past four years. Nehls says the number of driving deaths resulting from impaired driving is down significantly. Currently, only one of last years deaths can be attributed to alcohol, though toxicology results are still pending in some recent cases. The victims of vehicle accidents in Dodge County range in age from 21-years-old to 76-years-old with a median age of 46.