Doctors Stressed As COVID Hospitalizations Increase

(Wisconsin) COVID hospitalizations in Wisconsin are at their highest since January, and that’s taking its toll on health care workers’ morale. Doctor Ann Sheehy of UW Health compares her work over the last year-and-a-half to running a marathon. She says they are (quote) “committed to taking care of people as best we can, but we all have our limits, and we all will reach a max.” Sheehy tells Madison’s 27 News it’s especially discouraging to treat COVID patients who chose not to get vaccinated. Sheehy says she’s trying to stay positive, but she is worried the number of patients could climb this fall and winter. Dodge County has had nine hospitalizations since Sunday.

Fifty-one-percent of Wisconsin residents are fully vaccinated against COVID while 54.2-percent have had one shot of the vaccine. In Dodge County, 41.2-percent have completed their vaccination series while 44-percent have had at least one dose. Health officials in Dodge County have reported 36 additional cases from Wednesday to Thursday with active community cases totaling 291.


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Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Health website