DNR Is Ready For Foxconn

7/30/17 – The state D-N-R says it’s ready for Foxconn. The agency will conduct a number of environmental reviews for the various air and water pollution permits the company will need. In the memorandum of understanding signed last week, the state promised to speed up the reviews — and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says there’s been speculation that some current laws will ease up so Foxconn can build its $10-billion L-C-D smartphone screen facility. The D-N-R is not saying much because it’s not known exactly where the project will be — although it’s speculated to be put on a 1,000 acre campus of several buildings near Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant in Racine County. D-N-R spokesman Jim Dick says Foxconn represents a “great opportunity” for Wisconsin and it vows to get everything done despite a six-percent drop in the agency’s workforce during the Walker era that began in 2011.