DNR Hosts Guided Paddle Tour of Horicon Marsh

(Horicon) Canoeists and kayakers will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a guided paddle tour of Horicon Marsh this June.  Wildlife staff with the Department of Natural Resources will be hosting a 6.5-mile water trail tour through the Horicon Marsh on Saturday June 22nd.  Starting at the Green Head Boat Landing the tour features listening and talking to wildlife staff from the DNR who will be posted at various stopping places along the way.  The wildlife staff will cover topics related to the marsh’s wildlife and will answer questions as well.  Those on the tour should be on the lookout for the DNR airboat which will be somewhere along the route and on showcase to demonstrate one of the many management tools used on the Horicon Marsh.  The trail ends the Nebraska St. Landing in Horicon, where a complimentary shuttle will be provided to bring people back to their vehicles as well as offer help in loading and unloading vessels.  Restroom facilities are also available at the beginning and end of the trail.  Open launch time will take place between 7:30 and 10:30am with shuttle running from 9:30am till 1:30pm.  Canoe or Kayak rentals will be available at the Green Head Boat Landing via Horicon Marsh Boat Tours.

Fore more information, trail maps, or other paddle Horicon Marsh information, call 920-387-7893 or visit www.horiconmarsh.org.

Canoe or Kayak rental information can be found by contacting 920-485-4663 or by visiting www.horiconmarsh.com