DNR Encouraging Hunters To Test Deer Harvested From Counties Affected By CWD

(Madison) The Department of Natural Resources is encouraging hunters looking to harvest deer in counties affected by Chronic Wasting Disease have their animal tested prior to consuming the meat. This mirrors comments from the Department of Health Services, which recommends not consuming venison from deer harvested in areas where CWD is known to be present. Aside from testing their own deer, hunters who have their deer processed commercially should ask if the processor mixes meats from untested animals into their products. The state has a network of 24/7 self-service sampling kiosks around the state, and some meat processors and taxidermists offer in person sample testing as well. To find a testing location in your area where you can submit samples free of charge visit the DNR’s webpage at https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/WildlifeHabitat/registersample.html.