DNR Charges Father and Son in Horicon After Shooting a 26-Point Buck Out of Season

A father and son have been charged after the DNR determined they were responsible for shooting a 26-point buck outside of the gun hunting season. 24-year-old Anthony Nisiewicz of Horicon faces six charges while his father 45-year-old Wayne Nisiewicz faces two charges. Anthony Nisiewicz told DNR officials, who investigated the incident after neighbors reported hearing gun shots on New Years Eve, that he was hunting on his parent’s property when he shot the buck with a bow and arrow. His father corroborated the story but after an informant sent pictures to the DNR showing the big buck in the Nisiewicz’s shed they obtained a search warrant. It was at that point they sent parts of the buck off to a laboratory where it was determined it had been shot with a shotgun. The father and son are due in court later this month.