Detention Center Project Ahead Of Schedule

5/2/17 – A construction project that is underway at the Dodge County Detention Center is ahead of schedule. Work is being done to replace deteriorating cast iron piping with new PVC. The goal is to be proactive against potential problems the eroding cast iron pipes could cause. County Administrator James Mielke says that the progress made so far is a credit to the contractor involved working the Dodge County team and the execution of the plan. Mielke says though they do not what to get ahead themselves because unforeseen problems. Mielke adds that the work done so far has had very little impact on the day to day activities of the Detention Center. He says the plan discussed prior to the start of the project has been worked out very with cooperation with the contractor, Sherriff’s office staff, and jail staff. Mielke adds that it has been working very well to minimize displacement of any jail inmates. The budgeted project will cost around $2.8-to-$2.9-million dollars. Mielke says that by mid-to-late June they will have a good understanding of how much work is left.