Design Work Beginning On Repurposing Of Old Dodge County Jail

(Juneau) Dodge County is hiring a firm to begin design work on repurposing an aging law enforcement building. Last December, the county board voted to close the old jail that was plagued with various issues. The building committee has been reviewing what to do the 60-year-old structure that includes an addition from 1977. A plan is in place to repurpose the basement of the 1977 section into vehicle and equipment storage for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office; the upper floors will be demolished. A resolution approved by the county board this week transfers $26,400 dollars from the 2019 Physical Facilities budget to Angus Young of Janesville to work on design and architectural services. It would also allow the county to begin the process of bidding the project out to contractors. The county plans on borrowing from the general fund to pay for the projects total cost once it is determined. The construction timeline has not yet been established. An additional $4,800 will also be transferred to Angus Young to begin proposals on a roofing project for the 1977 section. Also, $1,710 will go to Environmental Management Consulting for asbestos abatement.