Derogatory Statements Made At High School Basketball Game

2/25/17 – A Cambria-Friesland high school basketball player used derogatory statements during their game last night against Horicon. An unnamed player reportedly used the n-word when referencing players on the opposing team, those involved in the incident were ejected. Cambria-Friesland Superintendent, Timothy Raymond, says that the incident is under investigation and that he will be talking with both the parents and students of those involved. He notes that while the WIAA does not normally handle these types of situations, they have been helpful in resolving the matter.  Horicon High School Principal, Teresa Graven, says that they are working on taking care of the issue. Raymond adds that he hopes that the school can move forward and use this as a learning experience. The WIAA had no comment on the incident; no further information has been made available.