Derleth Field Bleachers Must Be Replaced After Storm

Last week’s storm that blew through Beaver Dam caused extensive damage to the home bleachers at H.H. Derleth Field.  Beaver Dam High School Athletic Director Melissa Gehring tells that the wind blew the south end of the bleachers off the foundation and it pulled the rest the bleachers away from the press box. That movement caused the bleachers to flip and be pulled into the fence and onto the track.

Gehring says that the insurance adjusters inspected the bleachers and its was determined that they needed to be removed and replaced.  At this point, they will have to investigate and discuss the replacement process before they can have a hard timetable for their replacement.  She’s says the district has their fingers crossed that they can get something done before football season begins.  The Golden Beavers are scheduled go on the road to Menasha for the season opener on August 21st.  Their home opener is set for Friday, August 28th against Sauk Prairie.

The track also sustained damage when the bleachers were pulled across it and will have to be repaired or replaced.  There was also damage to the foundation and poles supporting the baseball scoreboard, but Gehring says the scoreboard itself appears to still be functional.

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