Depot Street Project In Juneau Completed On Budget, Ahead Of Schedule

(Juneau) The reconstruction of Depot Street in Juneau was completed on budget and ahead of schedule. The project targeted improvements to water and sanitary sewer lines, storm sewers and right-of-way. The original bid came in at $773-thousand dollars which MSA Professional Services Engineer Mike Laue says was very close to the final project cost. He added that a $24-thousand dollar cost overrun for rock removal was offset by savings in the mill and overlay, concrete work and gravel. Laue explained to the Juneau Common Council recently that a portion of the project was finished a year in advance.  He says the paving sub-contractor added the final surface coat a year ahead of what the original contract stated. Laue says the original reason to hold-off one year was to allow the construction work to sit over one freeze-thaw cycle so any issues that arise could have been fixed before the final surface coat was added. He says, as a result, the contractor offered to extend the seal coat warranty to July of 2020 to cover any deformation or pavement settling. Laue says if that does happen, the sub-contractor is aware that they would be responsible to mill off the excess surface and repave the roadway. Laue says if that comes to pass the city would be credited back $2,400 dollars to cover the cost for the contractor to remobilize their equipment.