Department Of Public Instruction Release Estimated School District Aid For Upcoming Year

(Dodge County) The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has released the estimated school aid each district will receive in the upcoming school year. The estimates are based on budgeted dollars submitted by school districts which in turn allows them to develop their 2022-23 school year budget.

The Beaver Dam School District is slated to receive $24.4-million-dollars which is roughly $1.1-million less in aid from last year.

Cambria-Friesland is in line for $2.5-million-dollars, a jump of nearly 7.5-percent from a year ago.

State aid for Columbus will go from $7.5-million in 2021-22 to just over $8-milllion-dollars in 2022-23.

Horicon jumped nearly 10.5-percent to $6.4-million for the upcoming academic year.

Hustisford is expected to get $1.7-million-dollars, a drop of 2.7-percent from 2021-22.

Lomira will see nearly $7.9-million-dollars in aid, up from the $7.5-million they saw last year.

Randolph’s aid is estimated to go down nearly two-percent to $4.3-million.

The state is showing a 12-percent jump in aid for the Mayville School District which is slated to receive $7.5-million-dollars.

Watertown’s aid is just shy of $26-million, up about $1.6-million-dollars from a year ago.

The $16.4-million-dollars going to Waupun is up 7.8-percent.

Estimated general school aids for 2022-23 total $5.2-billion, representing an increase of 3.7-percent from last year. Districts were not provided with an allowable increase to their revenue limits, meaning any new aid they receive is required to offset property taxes.