Democrats Seek Badger Care For All

7/6/17 – Wisconsin Democrats have joined some other states in pursuing an expansion of government health care, saying it would assure high quality care and reduce costs for thousands while Republicans in Congress seek to scale back private Obamacare plans. State Representative Eric Genrich of Green Bay and Senator LaTonya Johnson of Milwaukee unveiled a bill Wednesday for what they call “Badger Care for All.” It would be offered through the Obamacare insurance exchange at the state’s cost. California passed a single payer government plan last month, while Nevada’s governor vetoed a proposal to open its Medicaid to all residents. The Wisconsin measure is not expected to go far in the Republican controlled Legislature, and G-O-P officials have said in the past that expanding Medicaid and Badger Care would hurt the health care industry because the government does not reimburse the full cost of care to providers.