Democratic Primary Tomorrow

7/11/11 – Six Republican state senators will find out tomorrow night who they’ll run against in their recall elections on August ninth. Democratic primaries will be held in all six districts tomorrow. But there’s only one real Democrat in each race – because Republicans ran as fake Democrats to force primaries, and give the incumbent senators an extra month to campaign. Otherwise, those incumbents would have had their elections tomorrow, with only a couple weeks to campaign due to the length of their budget session in Madison. In our area, residents in the Dodge County portion of Waupun will head to the polls to decide whether Democrat Jessica King or protest candidate John Buckstaff will take on 18th District Senator Randy Hopper. The state G-O-P has not provided any support to the fake Democrats, saying they’ve been up-front about their goal to give the incumbent Republicans more time to campaign. Besides Hopper, those senators are Sheila Harsdorf, Alberta Darling, Luther Olsen, Dan Kapanke, and Rob Cowles.