Democratic Primaries Today

7/12/11 – The head of the state Democratic Party is upset that at least some Republicans are trying to get their fake Democrats to win today’s state Senate recall primaries. The G-O-P has said all along that it only put up the fake Democrats to keep the real Democrats busy with primaries – so the six Republican Senate incumbents who would have been up today will get an extra month to campaign. But state Democratic chairman Mike Tate says he’s heard of last-minute calls in three Senate districts urging people to vote against the real Democrats today. He called it a “sneaky, dirty trick” and quote, “It shows how low the Republicans will stoop to keep their control on power.” Tate also called it an “absolute abuse” of the voters’ trust. The Democratic leader was confident that all six of his party’s candidates would win today – and Republicans are wasting their time trying to disrupt the Democratic primaries. The only communities in our area heading to the polls today will be those in the 18th District, which includes the Dodge County portion of Waupun. Polls are open until 8pm