Demerit Point Ordinance Headed To Juneau Council Floor

(Juneau) The Juneau Common Council is expected to introduce a demerit point ordinance at their August meeting. City officials have been working on the law after allegations arose of sex-trafficking at two Dodge County strip clubs – the Hardware Store in Clyman and the TNT Gentleman’s Club in Lebanon. The owner of the Hardware Store also owns the Solomon’s strip club in Juneau which was not named in the federal complaint. If approved, the ordinance would allow the municipality to revoke the liquor license of establishments that fail to follow the law. Juneau Police Chief Dave Beal says the ordinance is something that has long been needed for the city and gives law enforcement the necessary tools to deal with any issues. He says that the law is not meant to target any one business but is for all beer and alcohol licensed establishments. Juneau officials have reviewed similar ordinances from Beaver Dam, Leroy, Lebanon and Watertown’s whose chief of police offered a presentation to the council on how the demerit point system is implemented in their city. Beal says before the law is enacted he will meet with affected local business to make sure everyone is on the same page and will give them the opportunity to ask questions or address any concerns. First reading of the ordinance is planned for next month and it could come before the council for a vote by September.