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APPLE PIE ~ John Moser

Fresh from the kitchen of WBEV-WXRO station manager, John Moser-homemade apple pie! Double crust, deliciously sweet and baked with love!


Diane Zindars’ pies are known throughout the area. She and husband Jim have owned THE CHALET of Fox Lake for 20+ years. Along with daughter Angela, they make all the desserts from scratch. What could be better than combining breakfast with lunch? If you love cinnamon rolls and apples, you’ll love this pie. Sinfully sweet cinnamon and apples topped with a cinnamon roll crust. Treat your taste buds to one of the best pies in Dodge County.

RHUBARB PIE ~ Diane Zindars

Another delicious pie from Diane Zindars. A seasonal favorite,there is nothing better than the summery flavor of fresh rhubarb. You can enjoy this delicious pie if you are the highest bidder.

PECAN PIE ~ Carol Ganske

Carol Ganske entered this recipe in the Alto Fair Baking Contest-and WON! The flaky crust comes from her grandmother, Alice Kaul, and the pecan filling is from a recipe in The Williamsburg Cookbook. Everyone “raves” about this delicious pie and you will too!