Delafield Man in Critical Condition After Fall

7/5/11- A skier from southeast Wisconsin was fighting for his life, after he fell 800-feet on a mountain at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. 33-year-old Ryan Redmond of Delafield was in critical condition yesterday at a hospital in Idaho Falls Idaho. Redmond was an Ameri-Corps volunteer at the Teton Science Schools, and director Jack Shea said Redmond might not have regained consciousness after the Saturday incident. But Shea said doctors are “guardedly optimistic” that he’ll pull through. Redmond was part of a group of four who were climbing in the park. National Park Service rangers said Redmond was the first to ski down, but he started tumbling early on. An ice axe was connected to his ski pole, but rangers said he could not stop his fall. One of Redmond’s companions called for help. Rangers said snow conditions helped cause the mishap. Officials said the ski trip was not an event put on by the Teton Science Schools.