December 10, 2014

Rio Man Gets 19 Years in Prison For Burglary, Arson


12/10/14 – A Rio man was sentenced Tuesday to 19 years in prison for breaking into the Columbus Pick n’ Save and then starting a garage fire as a distraction. Nathan Jones had previously pled guilty to felony Arson and Burglary and had felony Theft and misdemneaor Criminal Damage to Property charges dismissed but read into the record. Police responded to the store in the early morning hours of August 8, 2012 after a masked man forced his way in and stole a large sum of cash.  About 20-minutes later, the fire was reported behind the Peterson Elementary School a few miles outside of the city. A shed behind the school eventually burned to the ground.  Columbus authorities put out security camera footage of the man and calls to CrimeStoppers eventually identified Jones.  He was tracked to South Dakota and, less than two weeks later, police there arrested him on an outstanding warrant. They also found evidence from the Pick n’ Save burglary in his car.  Jones was brought back to Wisconsin where he admitted to lighting the fire, breaking into the store and also burglarizing Charlie Brown’s Tavern in Beaver Dam earlier that summer.  He was sentenced to a year in jail for the bar break-in. In addition to 19 years in prison for the arson and store burglary, Jones was sentenced to 12 years of extended supervision and ordered to pay restitution totaling $6500.


Ninth OWI Earns Beaver Dam Man 42 Months In Prison


12/10/14 – A Beaver Dam man was sentenced Tuesday to 42 months in prison for ninth offense drunk driving. David Lincicum pled to felony Operating While Intoxicated and had a second felony count of Operating With A Controlled Substance dismissed. The 58-year-old was arrested in June of last year after an accident on Highway 33 near County Trunk TW in the Town of Hubbard. Witnesses told dispatchers that the Lincicum vehicle was speeding, driving recklessly and passed in a no passing zone narrowly missing a semi-truck. Deputies say he appeared to be confused, talking slowly during questioning and changing his story repeatedly. His blood alcohol level was point-zero-zero (.00) but a drug test confirmed the presence of marijuana and prescription narcotics.  Lincicum was first convicted of OWI in 1992 and his most recent arrests came in 2002 when he was racked up three OWI’s in a five month period. In addition to three-and-a-half years in prison, Lincicum was sentenced to four years of extended supervision and lost his drivers license for three years followed by three years of blowing into a tube to start his car.


Beer-Battered Defense Fails In Tenth Offense OWI Case


12/10/14 – Adams County authorities said a man tried getting out of his 10th drunk driving charge by claiming that the alcohol on his breath was from beer-battered fish he ate.  Seventy-five year old John Przybyla of Friendship was arrested in mid-October north of Wisconsin Dells on Highway 13.  According to prosecutors, an officer noticed that the vehicle had a broken tail-light, and learned that the owner’s license was revoked.  Przybyla reportedly told officers he had just left a fish fry, and the alcohol they were smelling was from his food. Officials said Przybyla refused to take a blood test to confirm his alcohol level, claiming it was against his religion.  Deputies then obtained a warrant, and they said the man was restrained at a hospital before his blood was finally drawn. Results of the test were not immediately available.  A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol level of point-zero-six-two — more than three times the limit of point-zero-two for state drivers with three or more O-W-I convictions. Przybala is due in court January 21st for a preliminary hearing in his latest case.


Sports Betting Consultant Indicted


12/10/14 – A sports betting consultant has been indicted by a federal grand jury, for allegedly using threats and fraud to get 25-million dollars from a Fond du Lac area man.  A six-count indictment was unsealed in Milwaukee yesterday, charging 42-year-old Adam Meyer of South Florida with fraud, racketeering, extortion, and gun violations.  He’s due in court Friday.  The indictment said Meyer runs “Real Money Sports,” a firm which gets up to a quarter-million dollars to give gamblers predictions on major pro-and-college sporting events.  Authorities said the victim started buying picks from Meyer in 2007 — and a year later, he was ordered to give Meyer over a million dollars to cover gambling losses.  Later, Meyer reportedly told the Wisconsin man that a bookie was threatening him on the assumption that he and his customer were partners.  From 2009-through-’11, officials said Meyer impersonated the made-up bookie in phone calls to the victim to extort millions.  One payment in 2012 was said to be nine-point-eight million dollars.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said Meyer’s firm is said to employ 130 experts — including former players — and he reportedly won over a million dollars on the Packers in their 2010 Super Bowl season.


Mississippi Woman Gets Probation For Prison Smuggling


12/10/14 – A Mississippi woman pled “no contest” Tuesday in a Dodge County courtroom to charges that she smuggled contraband to an inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institute. Seavoia Swims pled to a felony count of Delivering Illegal Articles to an Inmate. The 55-year-old brought two baggies of smoking tobacco into the visitor area in September for her inmate son. According to the criminal complaint, she grabbed the tobacco from her waistline and tried to hide it in napkins. When questioned by police, she admitted that she knew she was not allowed to bring tobacco into the prison. Swims was placed on probation for two years.


Dodge County Sheriff Investigating Two Stabbings


12/10/14 – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department is investigating two stabbings that were reported yesterday.  Both victims arrived went to the Beaver Dam Community Hospital’s emergency room with stab wounds.  A twenty-six year old Reeseville man reported that the incident occurred on Saturday night.  In an unrelated case, a sixteen-year-old Waupun teen said that a wound was from an incident that occurred on a bus earlier on Tuesday.  The sheriff’s office says they have a suspect identified in both of the cases.


Finance Committee Rejects Shared Sales Tax Revenue Proposal


12/10/14 – The Dodge County Finance Committee discussed the idea of a shared sales tax remittance program at its meeting yesterday.  The idea for that program came from a citizen’s request and was initially discussed at a recent meeting of the county’s executive committee.  One of those citizens behind the proposal, Rebecca Glewen, feels that the program could be very beneficial for a variety of endeavors in the county.  She encourages that the sales tax revenues benefit local communities and be placed under more of a local control.  However, County Board Chairman Russ Kottke says that after having contemplated the matter, the committee decided to continue using those funds for the various means that they currently serve, such as capital and highway construction projects.  Glewen says that she is glad that the conservation has been started by the item having been placed on these committee’s agendas and hopes that other people who are interested speak with the heads of their respective cities and towns regarding the matter.


Juneau Mulling Curfew Ordinance Changes


12/10/14 – The Juneau Common Council held first reading Tuesday night on changes to their existing curfew ordinance. Police Chief Dave Beal says the existing ordinance is too confusing. The current ordinance breaks down violations between two different age groups with different hours on weekends than on weekdays. The proposed ordinance states that “no child under the age of 17” could be in public between midnight and 5am seven nights a week, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Beal says the ordinance also adds wording making the parents or guardians of those under the age of 12 responsible for curfew violations.  The fine for violating curfew starts at $30. If violators challenge the citation in court, the additional court costs would bring the total closer to $180. The council will vote on adoption to the changes in the curfew ordinance at their January meeting.


Columbus School Board Incumbents Seek Re-Election


12/10/14 – Three incumbent Columbus school board members have already filed applications to become repeat members in the April election. It was announced this week that current district board members Joe Conlin, Peter Fogarty and Loren Glasbrenner have all filed their applications.  Other district residents interested in becoming a school board candidate are invited to contact the district office at Columbus Middle School. Candidate applications must be completed and turned back in to the District office by January 6th at 5pm.


Canadian Pacific Seeking $500K For Grant Writing


12/10/14 – A lawyer for the Canadian Pacific Railroad says the state should pay the firm a half-million dollars — because it was being a good corporate citizen by helping seek a state grant that was approved but later given back.  Brian Baird told the State Claims Board Tuesday that the railroad deserves almost 501-thousand dollars, to cover the cost of the work it did for former Governor Jim Doyle in helping seek a high-speed rail line proposed between Madison and Milwaukee with a stop planned in Watertown.  The railroad provided help for the state’s application for an 800-million dollar grant.  The state received it, but current Governor Scott Walker later gave it back because he thought the line would be too expensive for riders and for maintenance.  State lawyer Kathleen Chung told the Claims Board the Canadian Pacific never signed a formal contract for its help — therefore, it’s not legally entitled to anything.  The Claims Board did not make an immediate decision.


Cat Burglar On The Loose In Washington County


12/10/14 – There’s a cat burglar on the loose in Washington County who literally lived up to the title cat burglar by taking two kittens from the County’s Humane Society. Humane Society officials say two kittens known as “Big Mac” and “Chicken Nugget” were taken sometime last Thursday afternoon while the shelter was preparing for a holiday event. The three month old kittens are siblings. Humane Society placed a pet carrier outside the shelter in the town of Polk hoping they would be returned anonymously.