DCUWX New Crops And Soil Educator’s Passion For Agriculture Started At Early Age

(Juneau) The new crops and soil educator for the Dodge and Fond du Lac County UW-Extension Offices recently joined WBEV’s Community Comment to discuss his position. Joe Zimbric completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Agronomy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focused on optimizing a dual-use perennial grain crop for maximum grain and forage production. Zimbric says his passion for agriculture started at an early age by playing outside a lot as a kid and picking rocks out of farm fields. Prior to his graduate studies, Zimbric worked with cattle ranchers and dryland wheat farmers in western Montana on improving soil health, irrigation efficiency and water quality. Zimbric says he excited to learn more about the region’s diary production. He says his academic background is in forage production and with starting the new role, he has been getting more exposure to the diary side of agriculture and the complexities that diary operations are trying to manage. Zimbric says he is available by email at [email protected] or phone 920-296-6583.