DCSO Warns Of Publishers Clearing House Scam

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a Publishers Clearing House scam that has surfaced in the area. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says a citizen reported getting a call from an individual claiming to be a delivery driver with the online sweepstakes company.

The person said he was on his way to deliver a Seven Series BMW and the winning check. The citizen told law enforcement that the caller had (quote) “a strong Jamaican accent” and was very aggressive on the phone. A callback number was given with a 920 area code. A sheriff’s deputy called this number and a man with a strong accent answered.

When asked for the man’s name he said he only had one: Catch Me If You Can, and then hung up. The deputy could hear other conversations in the background which sounded as if it was a call center. Schmidt says this was obviously a scam and the thief was likely going to ask the citizen for personal information or a fee to get the imaginary BMW and winning check.

The sheriff advises everyone to follow one simple suggestion when getting these calls: hang up and move on with your day. Also, the Publishers Clearing House never identifies a winner over the phone or social media, and no one will be asked to pay a fee to claim a prize.