DCSO Warns Of Increase In Methamphetamine In Dodge County

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff is warning about an increase in methamphetamine presence in the Dodge County area. In his monthly column, Dale Schmidt says that he has always feared what the widespread effects meth would have on the community, and although he knows meth has been in the county for years, his deputies are reporting a sharp increase in use in recent months. While drug use is known to be a contributing factor in many crimes, Schmidt says meth brings a new set of challenges for his office to combat. Users are more likely to be agitated and display erratic behavior increasing the likelihood of violence when criminal activity occurs. In some cases, users become mentally ill and even suicidal.

Sheriff Schmidt says, his deputies are responding to meth overdoses and instances where the user could be hallucinating, creating a very dangerous situation not only for law enforcement but citizens as well. Despite having a drug unit, patrol deputies, and detectives working hard to combat the problem, Schmidt says this problem is bigger than any police department or Sheriff’s office can overcome alone. He says we need to seek help for those addicted to meth, and continually hold accountable those bringing meth into the community. In addition, Schmidt is calling the on the community to work together. He is asking that residents educate themselves on the effects of meth, be familiar with options available if you or someone you know has a meth addiction, and to report meth and other drug use to law enforcement.