DCSO Seeking Accreditation

(Dodge) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is looking to become one of the only sheriff’s departments in the state to receive accreditation. On a recent WBEV’s Community Comment, Sheriff Dale Schmidt explained the drive behind the certification saying his department is at a point where they have made so many positive improvements there in the agency that he felt it was time to seek Accreditation.  Which the Sheriff says is simply a standard that analyzes against best practices around the state from best practices developed around the country.

Schmidt says shortly after deciding to seek accreditation, he learned of a grant to help cover the cost and was able to apply and be approved for the $75 thousand in funds.  He adds the grant doesn’t require matching funds from the county.  The accreditation process will take about a year and a half, but will single out the best practices utilized by the counties sheriff’s office.  Schmidt notes that there are only maybe two or three sheriff’s offices within the state that are accredited, and his goal is to be the next Sheriff’s office in the state to be accredited.  He adds this will ensure our community knows we are always doing the best practices, doing the best we can, with the money we have, and completing the services they are looking for.

Full audio from the Sheriff’s visit on Community Comment is available on the audio tab on DailyDodge.com