Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Reminds Motorists To Buckle Up

(Juneau) With warmer weather approaching, more and more people will be looking at getting out and about to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the Wisconsin outdoors.  For many, this means loading up in the family vehicle and hitting the road, and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind everyone to stay safe and wear their seatbelt.  While most motorists do choose to wear their seatbelt, officers say they would love to get every person wearing them.  They say a properly worn safety belt has been proven to save lives and prevent injury, and more importantly it is the law.  Wisconsin observes what is known as a primary enforcement seatbelt law, meaning that law enforcement can pull over and ticket the driver of any vehicle for failing to wear a seatbelt regardless of if any other laws are being broken. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says be it long trips to the lake, a drive through our sate parks, or just a jaunt over to pick up some milk, fasten those seatbelts and drive safely.