DCSO Remind All Motorists The Importance Of Traffic Safety

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriffs Office is reminding everyone that traffic safety is important on public roadways and helps reduce the number of deaths. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says while the 2022 traffic fatality numbers are down from last year, it still is a figure that law enforcement would like to see much lower.

“It’s not the 20 we’ve had in the prior years,” says Schmidt. “It’s still a point of emphasis for us to try to continue and get people to slow down, drive safely, don’t drink and drive while impaired. All of those things.”

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Records Unit, which last updated their numbers on December 18th, Dodge County saw 12 fatalities in 2022 down from the 15 it recorded in 2021. That number was seven in 2020, 13 in 2019, eight in 2018, and 20 in 2017.

Schmidt says that his office is working hard with their partners to improve highway safety, including redesigning roadways.

“We’re always working on trying to work with our partners for highway safety,” Schmidt says. “Whether that be redesigning roads like we are with 151 and C, 151 and DE. Highway 26, we used to have fatalities at five mile road all the time, at Second St. all the time. We don’t have those there anymore because their redesigns. Which is great.”        

Schmidt encourages drivers to stay vigilant and avoid distractions while behind the wheel.