DCSO Law Of The Month: Yield Right-Of-Way To Emergency Vehicles

(Juneau) Dodge County residents are being reminded to yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office ‘law of the month’ for November. Chief Deputy Scott Mittelstadt says citizens play an important role in helping first responders arrive at the scene of an emergency in a timely manner. He says even on a four-lane road with an extra lane for an emergency vehicle to pass, vehicles need to yield the right-of-way instead of changing lanes and continuing to drive. According to state statute, when any authorized emergency vehicle approaches with its sirens on a motorist must yield and immediately move their vehicle parallel to the right curb of the roadway. This action is done clear of intersections or unless directed otherwise by a traffic officer. The driver must stay parked near the edge of the road until the emergency vehicle has passed. Mittelstadt says by properly yielding the roadway there can be one less hazard to keep first responders safe.