DCSO July Law Of The Month Covers Littering Issues

(Juneau) Dodge County authorities are reminding residents of the penalties that come with littering. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office July Law of the Month. Authorities say if caught, violators could be fined up to $200.

According to state statute, it is unlawful to deposit any solid waste along highways, in bodies of water, or on any private property owned by another person. It is also against Dodge County ordinance to litter.

The Dodge Sheriff’s Office have reported an increased number of littering complaints throughout the county. They say in recent weeks there have been issues with people dumping mattresses, animal carcasses, and other types of garbage into ditches and on private property.

Sheriff’s officials say no one appreciates driving down the road and seeing trash along the shoulder. They ask the public to not be lazy and keep their trash until it can be properly disposed of. This problem can also cost taxpayers money because a municipality has to pay to clean up and dispose of these items.

Anyone who has information about those who have been littering lately can call the sheriff’s office non-emergency number at 920-386-3726.